About me

My name is Javier Sancho, and I am a programmer and a free software evangelist. I live in Castellón, Spain.

I met GNU/Linux and free software while I was studying Computer Science at Universitat Jaume I and, since then, my commitment with these ideas hasn't stopped growing.

It was in 2003 when I started as an activist, participating in events related with free software, demonstrations against software patents, talks and information sessions at install parties, schools, etc.

I enjoy programming and I use the programming language that better fits my needs (Python, PHP, Golang, Erlang, ...). For many years my favorite language was C, although over time that privileged place has been occupied by Lisp y Scheme. I'm in love with the functional paradigm.

I'm married with a wonderful woman and we have a kid that amaze us every day. They are the best of my life.

Besides this blog, sometimes I share thoughts in Twitter. You can email me at jsf@jsancho.org.